Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

This day snuck up on me. I wasn't really ready for it yet, but here it is. Normally on this day, I spend the day in reflection - looking back on my accomplishments of the past year and making resolutions for the one to come. This year, I can't seem to embrace the tradition.

Number 1, I am so disappointed in 2010. This was supposed to be my year of Action - the kickoff to a huge Ephesians 3:20 decade. It was anything but. This year was largely filled with darkness, depression, inactivity, isolation, stress, anxiety, and feeling lost. The year was nothing like I imagined it would be at the end of 2009, celebrating at the Melting Pot with my two best friends.

Number 2, every time I make a resolution, I break it. Not intentionally. But for whatever reason, I never seem to stick to what I set out for myself. (Perhaps there is a self-sabotage issue that needs to be dealt with - but that would be a totally different post!)

All that said, I am determined to see big Breakthroughs in 2011. In my faith, in my family, in my health, in my career. Instead of making resolutions I know I won't keep, I simply promise this at the cusp of the New Year: to keep my focus on God and His will for my life. If I do that, everything else will work out.

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