Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Looking Forward

As a way to reflect on and bid farewell to 2011, I had planned to participate in a reverbing exercise. You can see from my lack of posts this month that my attempt did not pan out too well.

Truthfully, a lot of what I would have written probably would have sounded like a broken record anyway. And I have a hunch that there would not have been nearly enough positivity as one should possess while reflecting on the blessings in her life. I suspect that there would have been too much, "Poor me. I hate my job. I long to be at home" and way too little Thank You's. So in a way, I'm glad I didn't go there.

Instead, I will simply look forward and imagine that 2012 will be full of:

~ Holding Bianca
~ Loving Harry
~ Spending time in quiet
~ Reading the Word
~ Eating right
~ Exercising
~ Singing
~ Writing
~ Dreaming
~ Choosing names
~ Laughing
~ Nourishing the important parts
~ Leaving work on time
~ Napping in the sun
~ Running away to the beach
~ Embracing a new reality
~ Strengthening friendships
~ Witnessing answered prayers
~ Being brave
~ Asking for help
~ Taking action
~ Opening new doors
~ Playing
~ Spinning in circles
~ Honoring my body
~ Stretching
~ Transitioning
~ Nesting
~ Simplifying
~ Savoring
~ Making memories
~ Healing
~ Saying goodbye
~ Being authentic
~ Embracing newness
~ Jumping ship
~ Growing by leaps and bounds

Psychic Abilities?

Today, my Mom watched Bianca while I was at work and Harry was at basketball practice. I received a text message from her around 12:30 PM that read, "Bianca only slept 20 minutes. Every time she hears a noise, she says that it's Daddy bringing pizza."

I forwarded the text to Harry, who called me not a minute later. "Damian and I just left Domino's two minutes ago!"

Perhaps our Little One is psychic! (...or Daddy eats too much pizza!)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

#reverb11: Meet

Who did you meet?
I met some really amazing people this year.
~ My awesome Hospitality Team: Dina, Kellie, Brian, Dawn
~ My fabulous MOPS small group and Tetris Table members: Jeannie, Jen, Melanie, Amy, Dana, Tabetha, MaryEllen, Anne
~ My sweet trainer Angela
~ The inspirational Eva
~ The vibrant Debbie
~ The beautiful Nicole
~ The Spirit-filled Amir
About a year ago, my BFF Stephanie and I spoke of wanting to have more nutritious people in our lives. That desire was definitely manifested in my life this past year. In 2012, I hope to get to know these nourishing people better.

Friday, December 2, 2011

#reverb11: The Beginning

I still can’t completely wrap my head around the fact that 2011 will be over in a few short weeks. At this time last year, I took part in a blogging exercise called Reverb 10. While there are no official Reverb 11 prompts this year, the creators of the project encouraged everyone to reverb on their own. It’s a great way to reflect on the year we just lived, plus set dreams, goals, and intentions for the year ahead.

I liked Kaileen Elise’s first prompt, so I am going to start there.

Where did 2011 begin?

It’s funny, but I couldn’t recall the beginning of this year in my mind. I had to peruse my blog archive to see where I was in January 2011. As it turns out, while commencing my self-proclaimed breakthrough year, I was preoccupied with work. Laboring far too many hours on way too little sleep, longing for a job with greater flexibility and a shorter commute that would allow me to spend more quality time with my family. I also desired to know God better and to get healthier in mind, body, and spirit.

Looks like not much has changed over the last 12 months! So much for breakthrough, huh? (I think I’ll ponder this question more before giving an answer – I may have made more progress than what’s found on the surface!)

The truth is that this year has passed me by at lightning speed, and I think I spent most of it on autopilot. My days were filled with wake up, shower, eat, commute, work, eat, work, commute, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat. Though precious moments of nourishment were sprinkled here and there, they were pretty scarce when you look at my year as a whole.

I have to make a conscious decision not to live like that anymore. In 2012, I need to focus on being on being more present, more aware, more connected, more joyful. I also need to nurture parts of myself that have been neglected far too long – things like my alone time with God, my health, my writing, my relationships, and my singing. I need to take time for fun and play and laughter and movement and hugs and tickle fights and lunches eaten away from my desk. It’s my hope that 2012 will be the most joyful, peaceful, centered, connected, brave, generous, loving, life-changing year of my life.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Used to Sing

For those of you who don't know, I used to sing at church. In the Catholic church, they call it cantoring. Elsewhere, they call it leading worship. Either way, I used to do it. Pretty much every week for over 15 years. I also sang throughout high school and college.

Now that I've changed churches, I don't sing anymore. I didn't think it was a huge deal. After all, I was serving the church in a new way - both on the Hospitality Team and as a backup in the Preschool Ministry. I thought it was enough.

Today, I was asked to sing for a wedding at my old church. My heart leaped at the request. And as I enthusiastically accepted, I realized that I really, really miss singing.