Thursday, August 16, 2012


Yesterday, I started craving pizza around 9:30 AM.  No matter what I ate throughout the day or how hard I tried to distract myself from this desire, I found myself simply insatiable.  It wasn't until I ordered and ate some pizza for dinner last night that I could feel once again at peace.

Our ladies' small group has just started delving into a new book called "Desperate: Seeking Simplicity...Finding the Cross" by Cindi Wood.  The chapter I read today - "Addicted to Comfort?" - really struck a chord inside of my soul, especially considering the large craving I had yesterday.

The author reminds us that we were created with a hungering in our spirits.  God put it there.  He is a jealous God (Deut. 4:24) and wants us to want Him more than we want anybody or anything else.  Deep inside of us is a craving that cannot and will not be satisfied with any earthly thing.  Eating that pizza feels (extremely!) gratifying for the moment, but soon leaves us pining again. 

From now on, I will pay closer attention to my cravings - whether they be food or shopping or TV or vacation related.  It is my hope that I can first turn to God when my appetite is out of control and say, "Lord, right now I am turning to you with this desire, instead of to the pizza I so desperately want.  Fill me with you."

The whole point of the lesson is that we should find ultimate comfort in Jesus.  Cindi sums it up well when she writes: By all means, savor that piece of chocolate and cup of coffee.  But instead of turning to them for comfort, let them be an opportunity to praise the Giver. Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4).  

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Coming Back

A friend of mine recently decided to say goodbye to the blog she has been writing the past 7 years.  For whatever reason, the sign off made me quite emotional and a bit sad.  I find myself running back to my own neglected blog for solace. 

I'm still not totally sure why, but I felt God tugging at my heart this spring.  I needed to step away from blogging for a period of time.  I needed to simplify my life a bit.  I needed to focus on more important things.  Now that the summer is coming to a close, perhaps I can open this door once again.

So many thoughts are swirling in my head.  So many updates and changes to be shared.  And yet as frantic as the ideas are spinning, I hear a small voice saying to be still.  And so, for now, still is how I will remain.