Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 7th

It's 10 AM. I should be at work. But I simply didn't want to go in today. I woke up with a bit of a lingering headache, so I used that as my excuse to go in late. But here I sit - unwilling to go. I need to go in, especially because I took off tomorrow to attend several appointments - and I eventually will. But I just can't bring myself to move at the moment.

I'm sitting in silence, listening to the hum of the heat and a single cricket outside that sounds like it's freezing to death. My stomach just gargled, and ice dropped from the ice maker. My fingers are playing a tapping melody on the keyboard, and the laptop is droning quietly. This silence is completely golden and exactly what my head needs at the moment. I'm not quite ready to go into the cold, into the traffic, into the mess that is my office. I want to stay here - in the quiet, warm comfort of my home. Writing, reflecting, giving my soul the respite it so desperately needs.

Today's Reverb word is Community. In that spirit, I went surfing the internet for the beginning of my new holistic health community. And I landed upon the most wonderful resource: breathe books. Not only is it a holistic bookstore, but classes are offered there. In addition, the owner is a certified instructor in ayurveda and offers workshops. I have done some research on the topic before, and it reappeared again in my Stress Management class. I don't think it is a coincidence that it is appearing again. Especially because my spirit is reacting so positively towards it. The next intensive workshop being offered is January 15 and January 22. The problem is it costs $425 before December 18 and $495 after. I really, really want to attend this workshop. I feel like it is exactly what I need to do. But I have a feeling my husband will balk at the idea when he hears of the price. He got upset at me for spending $63 at Target. There's no way he will approve of spending nearly $500 on a two-day workshop, especially when he just views me as someone who can't make up her mind about her career. Anyone have any suggestions on how to (morally!) make a quick $500?

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  1. Man, sounds like a fun conference! hope the headache subsided and you made it to work ok.

    And yes, I do know of a way. I am a distributor for AdvoCare, and you can easily make $500 if you are motivated.

    Here's my microsite: https://www.advocare.com/06103098/default.aspx
    And, here's some more information (watch the one entitled "Is AdvoCare right for you?":