Monday, December 13, 2010


We had a rough night last night. Bianca vomited pretty much all night long. The first time was around 11:30 PM. The poor baby had it all over her. I put her in the bathtub, held her, changed her sheets, and put her back to bed. Ten minutes later she was sick again. Instead of putting her back in the tub, I wiped her down and then took her into our bedroom, where she got sick a third time. We went downstairs and had her drink some water. She continued to get sick several times after that. I thought we were in the clearing at 3:30 AM when she finally was able to go to sleep, until she got sick again at 5:15 AM. I gave her a bath at 6:30 AM, and Harry whisked her away to Aunt Dot's at 7:00 AM.

Despite feeling terrible that I couldn't just stay home and comfort her today, I'm feeling grateful this morning.
~ This is the first time in 15 months that Bianca got really sick.
~ It most likley isn't anything too serious.
~ I was able to stay up with her and comfort her all night long.
~ I started my day with a hot shower and a fresh start.
~ Even though I don't really like snow, there is something magical about the flurries coming down.
~ I will be able to celebrate Christmas with new friends tonight at MOPS.
~ I can feel myself coming back to life again.

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