Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back to the Grind

I came into work today. Our school is closed, so it's pretty much a ghost town here. I had to work because, although I am stationed at UMB, I am technically an HHMI employee, so I follow a different vacation schedule than my co-workers. Yesterday, I decided to work from home. After all, I didn't want to be the only person in my building. (Even the security guards and housekeeping staff are on vacation). That turned out to be a mistake. I didn't get a thing done. I used to work from home a lot when Bianca was younger, and I never had any problems. Now that she is running all over the place, it's not as easy.

Because I am under grant deadline, I had to bite the bullet and come into work today. Even though it's bothered me the past two years, today, it feels quite nice being the only one here. I have been super productive this morning. At this point, I have one slight budget issue to fix, and I need to have a meeting with one of the investigators on Monday to get some more of the technical details, but after that, it should be smooth sailing! Considering how awful my last grant was, this one feels like a walk in the park!

And since my supervisor is on maternity leave, this one is solely in my hands. I finally feel like I'm getting the chance to prove myself, and it feels good. Everything feels like it is under control. We should not only be able to submit our proposal on time, we should be able to submit early! Again, this is complete opposite of our last application. I am hardly stressing at all. Praise God!

I have a few more easy tasks to complete, and then I'm calling it a day. Bianca and I will be going to Harry's Christmas tournament tonight. His game isn't until 7:30 PM, though, so it's going to be a long night for our Little One. (Who am I kidding? It's going to be a long night for me, too!)

For about a month now, Bianca has been having trouble sleeping. Of course, that means Mommy has also had trouble sleeping. Last night, though, was wonderful. I had a terrible headache, so Harry told me to go to bed early. At 8:00 PM, both Bianca and I went to bed. She cried for about 5 minutes, then she fell asleep. I was out not much longer. She didn't make any noise again until 4:40 this morning! I was so happy! My headache went away, and I was able to get over 8 hours of constant sleep! Such a HUGE blessing!

Today, my sticky note from God says, "Unto the upright there arises light in the darkness. Psalm 112:4." It's making me quite giddy because it's reiterating the message my pastor gave on Christmas. Yes, 2011 is going to be my Breakthrough year, but it's only because Jesus is lighting the way. It is simply wonderful having something so tangible to hold onto!

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  1. I could not stop smiling as I read this post :)