Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Beginnings

Today, something amazing happened: I had new visitors to my blog thanks to a post on a new friend's blog. And while I was excited to receive comments by some lovely ladies, I was also a bit embarrassed. A blog should be an expression of oneself, and frankly, I don't like what I have been presenting to the world. I am truly ashamed of my self-centeredness and negativity. Just as Jesus came into the world to shine light on our sins, these strong Christian women shone a light on mine.

The good news is that new beginnings are possible. From this point forward, I hope to write with intention, taking the focus off of myself and putting it back on the One who deserves so much more glory than my little life will be able to show.

So, welcome to "Whole in Him." I still have the same goal to become healthy in mind, body, and spirit.....only now I will continue my journey with my eyes focused upward. I look forward to the changes that God will bring to me in my breakthrough year. And all glory will be His!! "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." ~Psalm 139:14 NIV

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  1. Sorry? You're welcome? Not sure which goes here. But, as a fellow blog writer, our blogs are and extension of ourselves, sometimes we are moving and groovin, sometimes stuck on the side of the road in a ditch. Whatever and wherever we are, be honest and true to where God has you. You are on a specific journey, at a specific time in a specific place. I love your honesty to each topic, especially when it comes to yourself! What wonderful insights you are receiving.

    And the two others who left comments are rockin' chicks, and very encouraging.