Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Answer is Yes

I'm sitting in front of the fire, enjoying it's beauty and warmth, as Harry and Bianca are napping upstairs. Snow is coming down outside, covering the ground with a powdery white blanket. I just feel incredibly serene right now.

We had a wonderful Christmas. I loved the message our pastor gave during the Christmas service. He focused on Jesus being the light in the darkness and a fount of water in the desert. I won't try to repeat it, but it was simply beautiful. We turned off all the lights in the church, lit a single candle from the Advent wreath, and then passed the flame from neighbor to neighbor. By the end, the entire church was brightly lit. We then sang, "Jesus, Light of the World" as we held our candles high. Tears were pouring out of my eyes. We then had communion to remember Jesus' biggest sacrifice and the true reason He came to earth. Finally, our pastor challenged us. Jesus says "Follow Me." He wants either a yes or a no, not a maybe. What is your answer going to be?

I asked Jesus into my heart in 1999. And even though I was on fire for a few months in the beginning, I never truly committed to living my life for God. For too many reasons, I was living life as a lukewarm Christian - saying all the right things, but not truly surrendering my life. My feet were planted on two sides of the fence. I wanted to trust that Jesus could provide everything for me, yet refused to let go of the world.

But 2011 is my Breakthrough year. It's the year when I am going to make great strides in my life - all because I finally let go. I have surrendered my life to Christ. I give him a resounding "YES" this Christmas!

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