Monday, February 21, 2011

Day Zero Revisited

Creating my 50/50 List prompted me to start thinking about my Day Zero project. I started the project January 1 of last year. I still have until September 28 of next year to complete the list, but I'm a little disheartened to report that I have only accomplished 6 goals on my list.

1) #3 on my list was "Finish Bianca's journal." I had started keeping a journal for her on December 27, 2008 - the day I found out I was pregnant. She was still "Little Bean" at the time. I'm proud to say that I completely filled her journal - even if it took me a little longer than I had originally hoped. I'd like to start a new one for her - this new one complete with photos.

2) #11 on my list was "Write 20 random notes and leave them for people to find." I wrote the notes on 3x5 index cards. They were simply written in black ink. If I would do it over again, I would add little pictures and write the messages in colorful markers. I left the notes in random places throughout my school - bathrooms, kitchens, laboratories. I put one on a car windshield, one in a magazine on an airplane, one in my neighbor's mailbox, one in my brother's room in OCMD, and several in library books. I don't remember exactly where I left all 20 notes, but they were all placed lovingly whenever I was inspired to do so.

3) #30 on my list was "Sit down with Grandma and ask for parenting advice." We didn't have a conversation specifically about this topic, but I definitely worked it in. She gave me four pieces of advice: a) When it comes to extra cirricular activities, don't force your kids to do them if they don't want to, b) Encourage your kids to do their best. Tell them you believe in them and support them - even when they aren't performing perfectly, c) Know who your kids' friends are and make them feel welcome in your home, d) You will make mistakes as a parent. It's ok; just learn what you should do next time!

4) #43 on my list was "Pay off my car." We took care of this one a few months ago. It is wonderful having one less bill each month. That's why ultimately, I would like for Harry and I to live completely debt free. We could help so many more people that way.

5) #73 on my list was "Plan something exciting for Harry's 35th Birthday." I just checked this one of the list last week. If you want to read about it, click here.

6) #81 on my list was "Find a new church home." I have been attending Community Christian Church pretty regularly since August. I have just joined the Hospitality team. It definitely feels like we have found our new church home. there are a few more that you can consider "in progress," but those are the only ones I actually completed. Truthfully, in the midst of all the darkness I was feeling last year, this list was forgotten. But now that I'm in a much better place in my life, I can revisit it once again.

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  1. I really think you have accomplished so much! Don't be too harsh with yourself, Carey. Each thing at its proper moment. And, as you say, you are feeling better now...So now it starts!

    Congratulations! :-)