Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pregnant with Vision

Last night I couldn't sleep. My mind was swarming with ideas for Circle's End. God has given me a new vision that is much bigger than the one I originally conceived. I was so excited by some of the things I saw that I was ready to contact a graphic designer this morning to get a quote for commissioning a logo design. I wanted to have something tangible to hold onto - something that would confirm that I have definitely made a breakthrough in my career.

This morning, I was nudged by the Spirit to Google "Circle's End." Wow...I didn't realize how unoriginal the name was. It is the name of a Harry Potter book, the name of a band, the name of a movie, the name of a farm, the name of a song, the name of a novel, the name of a video game...and that is most likely not an exhaustive list. Needless to say, I was taken a bit back. I think a new name will be necessary.

Despite that little hiccup, I am more excited than ever about my soon-to-be born organization. They say that everything happens in God's perfect timing, and I am starting to believe it more than ever. Last year, while in New York for a meeting, I attempted to write a business plan for the then-Circle's End. I was having so much trouble. Maybe it was the excess stress I was feeling from work. Maybe it was the post-partum depression that had its claws in me. Maybe it was simply not the time. In the next couple of weeks, I am going to tackle that business plan again - and I have a feeling it will all come together nicely.

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