Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random Ramblings

These are the thoughts running through my head today:

~ When I left work last night, the sky was such a beautiful shade of blue-black. This morning as I drove into work, the sky was a lovely shade of bright blue. I praised God for His beautiful creation, and it got me thinking about heaven. I imagine it is way more beautiful than we can even imagine and filled with all kinds of gorgeous, radiant colors – ones we’ve never even seen.

~ On the suggestion of a Blogger friend, I signed up for life coaching with Joel Boggess at 4 Points Coaching. My first session is on February 9th. Honestly, I’m having a bit of buyer’s remorse (we simply can't afford it, and I feel guilty about adding to our debt), but it’s too late to turn back now. I have completed my first online assessment. My personality and career style is Advocate. I wanted to cry a bit when the first career match for me was “Administration.” “Secretary” was on the list, too. Thank goodness that “wellness/nutrition consultant” and “massage therapist” were matches for me, as well. Otherwise I might have had a slight panic attack!

~ Harry and I had a wonderful conversation last night. It began with me telling him about my assessment. He probed me with the question: “Well, what happens when you come to the end of your coaching sessions and you realize you’re exactly in the career where you’re supposed to be?” It was a good question to ponder, but if I was created for this career, why am I so unsatisfied? Why do I dread coming to work each day? Why do I feel like my life’s calling is still out there, waiting to be tapped into? Anyway, for the first time in a long time, I feel like he was listening to me - this time without judgment. And he even thanked me for working so hard every day and contributing to the family and keeping up the house and being a great wife and mother. He also reminded me that I can and do serve every day. My mom needs me. My grandma needs me. Damian needs me. Bianca needs me. He needs me. I felt so loved and appreciated. And it made me connect to my husband so much more. It's a great feeling simply knowing that you were heard.

~ I had a wonderful conversation with a co-worker yesterday that made me feel so inspired. We talked about God and our careers and our passions. No conclusions were made, but I felt renewed. I truly felt parts of my spirit wake up. I'm tired of feeling stuck. I am ready for a Breakthrough in my career. I'm hoping Joel will help me form a solid action plan on how to get there.

~ As you may recall, I was offered and turned down the position for VTEU Coordinator at my school. Today, I am having lunch with the girl who ultimately took the job. Turns out, we went to the same high school. She was in my sister’s class. Such a small world! I'm excited to get to know her better.

~ Steph and I are beginning to plan our next Girls’ Day. We are heading to Boston for a weekend in June. I am quite giddy about it! I find myself smiling and giggling every time I think about it. I can't wait to go on this adventure with my BFF!

~ Next weekend is Harry’s birthday. The two of us are going to Delaware Park for the day. I really want to buy a nice outfit for the occasion. He deserves to have a well-dressed wife by his side, and my clothes are so plain and frumpy. Perhaps I can leave work early tomorrow and do just that.

~ I also start volunteering on the Hospitality Team at church next weekend. Yay!!

~ My neck and shoulders are very sore this morning. I wonder if I slept in a weird position. I am craving a warm massage.

~ I am also craving a mocha. I have been dreaming about one since 7:50 this morning, when I passed the sweet aroma of the coffee cart. But I have gained so much weight lately. I simply cannot give into the temptation of those excessive calories.

~ In general, I have been feeling so much better lately. Using the analogy Steph gave me, I no longer feel like I’m sitting at the bottom of the pit, but steadily climbing my way out. God is so good!!

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  1. Ya hoo! Can't wait to hear how it all goes!!!! One day at a time, one foot in front of the other, we'll get there :)