Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day Zero Project

In my quest to improve myself, I have decided to participate in the Day Zero Project.  I was toying with the idea of keeping a separate blog to record my progress, but my awesome co-pilot Steph thought trying to keep up with three different blogs might be a little much for me.  Is she a wise woman or what?  I decided to listen to her and not start a separate blog.  I may, however, refer to my list from time to time, so here is my complete list of 101 tasks to complete in 1001 days:

1) Create PhotoBook of our house being built
2) Finish decorating every room in our house
3) Finish Bianca's journal
4) Plant and maintain a garden
5) Go on a cruise
6) Stay in a Bed & Breakfast
7) Take a Tai Chi class
8) Read 101 books
9) Read the Message Bible
10) Send 3 "Just Because" care packages
11) Write 20 random notes and leave them for people to find
12) Try 25 new recipes
13) Find/join a cell group
14) Visit the library at least once a month
15) Have "Girls Weekend" with Mom
16) Go on a Christian women's retreat
17) Complete the 29 gifts project (
18) Fit into a size 8
19) Read the 7 spiritual books that Leonie recommends
20) Keep a prayer journal
21) Write 50 handwritten notes to friends
22) Write myself a letter and don't open it until January 1, 2013
23) Journal or blog daily
24) Ride my bike at least twice a week
25) Go on a missions trip
26) Take a bath with Harry
27) Clean the bathrooms at least twice a month
28) Read 20 holistic health books
29) Use only reusable bags when shopping
30) Sit down with Grandma and ask for parenting advice
31) Floss every day
32) Wash my face every night before bed
33) Write 10 poems
34) Try playing tennis
35) Try Raindrop Therapy or a new spa treatment
36) Make the bed every morning
37) Go for a walk/run 3 times a week
38) Go to the dentist every six months
39) Work only 8 hours per day every day for a month
40) Create 5-year plan for working towards a new career
41) Learn self-massage techniques for my neck and shoulders
42) Learn infant massage
43) Pay off my car
44) Go through pictures on my laptop; get special ones developed
45) Strive to be a Proverbs 31 Woman
46) Complete the "Couch to 5K Program"
47) Have Girls Day once a season
48) Have Lasik eye surgery
49) Eat at least one vegetable per day
50) Detail my car once a month
51) Send a message in a bottle
52) Do something romantic for Harry once a month
53) Take a beginner dance class for adults
54) Complete Bianca's Baby Books
55) Buy 10 CDs stored in my AOL "Music" folder
56) Go on a family vacation with Harry, Bianca, Mom, Kris, and Damian
57) Go to a Maryland Terps basketball game with Harry
58) Bake cookies using the recipe on the Nestle Tollhouse bag
59) Go to the Aquarium with Harry and Bianca
60) Go to Caesar's Poconos Resort for romantic weekend
61) Go to an Oriole's away game
62) Go to a Capital's game
63) Write a Letter to the Editor for a newspaper
64) Grown an indoor herb garden
65) Go to the Baltimore Zoo with Harry and Bianca
66) Go on a Couple's Picnic
67) Buy a beta fish and display it in the living room or my office
68) Donate blood on a regular basis
69) Take a kickboxing class
70) Create a pushpin map of the U.S. to mark the states Harry & I visit together
71) Get picture taken in photo booth in OCMD with Harry & Bianca
72) Attend the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC
73) Plan something exciting for Harry's 35th Birthday
74) Make a stepping stone for our garden
75) Walk/play outside together as a family once a week
76) Make a menu plan on Sunday for the rest of the week
77) Look into getting my toenail removed
78) Read to Bianca every day
79) Host a Cookie Exchange
80) Get pregnant again
81) Find a new church home
82) Create an altar at home
83) Go hiking with Kathleen or someone of similar energy and inspiration
84) Take a day trip with myself and my journal
85) Volunteer 101 hours
86) Take a mental health day
87) Take the stairs at work every day
88) Walk 10,000 steps every day
89) Write a fan letter to an author I admire
90) Start a new gratitude/pleasure journal
91) Drink at least 32 oz of water a day
92) Create a vision board for Circle's End
93) Host a theme movie/dinner night
94) Visit the Outer Banks or a new beach
95) Take a photo of Bianca every day for a year
96) Create PhotoBook with all 365 pictures of her
97) Fill a journal for Harry
98) Visit Africa
99) Join the Worship Team at church
100) Create new exercise chart; Actually reward myself
101) Make at least $50,000 in base salary a year

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