Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sacred Friday - Wisdom

Steph and I have picked back up on our Sacred Friday tradition. She picks an inspirational word out of a basket and then we watch how the word comes into play for us throughout the week.

I was going to post this entry tomorrow (hence Sacred Friday), but I may be too busy. I have decided to take off from work tomorrow. I'm calling out "sick." My supervisor returns to the office on Monday, so tomorrow is my last day of freedom. I am going to fully enjoy it. Plus I have to make some secret preparations for Harry's birthday (grin).

This week's inspirational word is Wisdom. Here is how the word showed up in my life last week:

First, I attended a baby shower on Saturday. In lieu of cards, we were to buy a book and inscribe it with a note for the baby-to-be. Of course, I wanted my note to be perfect, so I opened up Bianca’s book of prayers. (Yes, I plagiarized a bit!) On the very first page I opened was written the Scripture Job 12:13 – “God has wisdom and power. He has good advice and understanding.” That wasn’t the Scripture that would ultimately find its way into Madison’s book, but I saw the word loud and clear: God has WISDOM…

Later in the week, as I was going through my Same Life, New Story devotional, I read about Esther. In that chapter, the author wrote, “Wisdom has to hold hands with courage when circumstances become dicey and we are in the process of redirecting our lives. Wisdom is the gift of knowing what to do. Courage is the gift of having the guts to do it. That is a powerful combination.”

I felt like that message was directly for me. I am definitely in the process of redirecting my life. God has been putting some ideas into my head concerning my career and my life’s purpose. That is the wisdom. Now it’s up to me to act on them. That’s where the courage will come in. But I will definitely need God’s help here, too!

Earlier this week, on the suggestion of one of my co-workers, I spoke to a numerologist. I know it might sound crazy, but honestly, it was amazing. Completely different reaction than the one I just had with my life coach. And SO much cheaper! Anyway…my date of birth is the 25th, which added together equals 7. Additionally, when you add the numbers of “Carey,” the total also comes to 7. 7 is the number for faith and WISDOM.

It's no secret that I love to learn, but wisdom is so much deeper than that. It’s learning, applying the lessons, and growing from them. It’s making wise decisions and giving wise counsel. It comes with being in touch with God and finding ways to manifest His will in your life.

The only good thing that came out of today's life coaching session is my promise to spend 10 minutes in silent contemplation each day. They say that God speaks the language of silence. I will only hear His voice when I am still. I have a feeling that making a commitment to that daily practice will only help me obtain more wisdom. That is nothing but a beautiful thing.

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