Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wishcasting Wednesday

Today, Jamie Ridler asked the question, "What dream do you wish to explore?"

The dream that has been living in my heart since around 2002 is Circle's End.  It's a holistic health business that I own and operate.  It is a place where people come to heal, using tools such as massage, music, journaling, yoga, and nutrition.  The details keep changing in my head, but its name, mission, and logo have remained the same.  Originally I saw a studio.  Then I saw a home office.  Lately, I've been seeing myself traveling to my clients' homes.

#92 on my Day Zero list says, "Create a vision board for Circle's End."  I'm actually very excited about that.  Perhaps my vision will end up solidifying in ways I never expected.  I just can't start on the project until I have more magazines.  (Anybody wish to make a donation of an old one to me?)

I know this dream was put in my heart for a reason.  I don't know what form it will ultimately take, but I know it will help me fulfill my life's purpose: to love others, help them heal, and remind them that they can do or be anything they imagine.

1 comment:

  1. I never knew you had a name for your business. I love the name Circle's End! Reading this brought me such joy and I absolutely love the mission. It's no suprise the description are all things that you are passionate about. Remember that the location of Circle's End can be all those things. As the owner you can have days that you travel to clients' homes or decide to work for home so bear in mind nothing has to be set in stone. It's yours to do what your will. I can feel what an uplifting and transformational place this will be. Ahh! Definately seems like a place I want to go too!