Wednesday, January 13, 2010

If God Used Sticky Notes

Steph gave me the best present for Christmas this year: a mini desk calendar entitled "If God Used Sticky Notes."  I absolutely love reading the little messages that God sends me every morning.  For some reason, I didn't read the one for yesterday until this morning when I went to change the page.

Yesterday's message said, "Gray skies make you appreciate blue skies, don't they?  Love, God"  After being in my gray mood yesterday, this message is SO timely! 

Today's message says, "Maybe someone at work will need an extra smile today!  XO, God"  Umm....really?  Isn't our God SO, SO GOOD?!?!  He sends us the exact message we need to hear at the perfect time.

Like Steph reminded me yesterday, I AM at UMB for a reason.  And I can be a light for Christ no matter where I am.  So today, with a fresh attitude and a lift in my spirit, I will be sure to smile at everyone I meet!  To start, this one's for you:  : ) !

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