Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dud of a Day

Yesterday was a dud of a day in terms of my goals.  I honestly didn't get anything accomplished.  This is what my day looked like:
5:30 - got up (after being up half the night with Bianca) and completed my morning routine
7:00 - left for work
8:00 - started my work day
1:00 - ate lunch at my desk
5:00 - left work
5:30 - picked up Bianca
6:00 - got home and fed Bianca
6:25 - made dinner
6:50 - ate dinner
7:20 - crashed on the couch and held Bianca
8:00 - watched the Batchelor with Harry, still holding Bianca
10:00 - went to bed

Where is my Bible reading?  Where is my workout?  Where is my journaling? 

Ok, I admit that I was really exhausted because I didn't get much sleep and I had a busy day at work.  But today really doesn't look much different from yesterday.  Maybe when Harry gets home tonight (hopefully around 8:00), I will have enough energy to work out.  But I admit that I am pretty tired again.

I don't want to fail at improving myself.  It's just going to be a lot more difficult than I imagined.


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  1. Days like this happen...it's habits we have formed that leads us to say Where did my day go..I planned to do X,Y,and Z...but life happens. I felt the same way you did on the 1st or 2nd but then realized Steph if you are going to make changes then you have to make them a priority so I have set up appointments to do bible study, journal, etc and I have stayed committed. Also, it takes time to form habits and improving yourself wont happen overnight so have patience. As Coach Carolyn quoted Oprah Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. So take your time you ARE on the road to improving yourself...you will be an even more powerful woman of God.