Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tickled Pink!

I haven’t been blogging (or journaling for that matter) in such a long time. I am always searching for that ever-elusive Balance, yet never seem to grasp her. But I know in my soul that I WILL be able to get there one day. And I’m going to help others get there, as well.

Lately, my mind has been preoccupied with my Pink Papaya Venture. It may seem quite ironic to some that I am choosing to devote even more time to work when all I have ever done is complain about work. But let me assure you that this is different. This is how I know God placed this opportunity in my life as a jumping off point for my life’s work. I’m truly, passionately excited about it!

I can’t wait to start having parties and sharing the products. I don’t have the money to get in yet, but I think it would be so much fun to do quarter auctions. I would love to be a vendor at Girls’ Night Out. I would love to attend wellness expos and set up a table. I’ve already written down ways to make my company better as soon as I get a little more money. I can honestly see myself devoting ample time to the business and not being worn out by it. There is already an energy surrounding the business that feeds my soul…and I haven’t even sold anything yet!

OK…I do admit that I get a tiny bit disheartened when I check my website every day only to find no new sales. But I’m not worried about it. I feel God’s hands all over this opportunity, and I know he will help me prosper. I took a step in faith when I signed up to be a consultant. And it is that same faith that is keeping me optimistic now. I just have to be patient until God is ready to move. And He’s going to move in a BIG way!!

My co-pilot is probably going to yell at me for this, but I am even considering starting a Pink Papaya blog. I think it would be really helpful for new consultants just starting out. I was looking for a place where I could get advice in cyberland, and I couldn’t quite find what I was after. Perhaps this new blog would help fill in the blanks a little bit. I just have to make time for it. If only I didn’t have this “day job.” More and more I get confirmation that being an administrative assistant is definitely the wrong job for me. Especially because Pink Papaya feels so right.

I am supposed to be my own boss. I am supposed to help others live authentic lives. I am supposed to help promote “inner balance and outer beauty.” I am supposed to show people love in a truly hands-on way and to help them feel good about themselves with products they can be proud of wearing. Pink Papaya definitely fits into the big picture, and I’m so glad I said yes when most people around me thought I should say no.

Right now I am Tickled Pink (Papaya, that is)!!

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