Friday, March 12, 2010

Found an Old Treasure

In the spirit of spring cleaning, I am attempting to clean out my personal email in-box. As I've often heard, clearing out space allows something even better to come into your life. I probably shouldn't be focusing on this task at work, but it's a rainy Friday afternoon, and I'm mentally already into the weekend.

Here is an exercise I completed in 2008 that I emailed to myself with the intention of transcribing it into my journal. It never quite made it there!

1. What values/principles are most important to you?
Family, friends, balance, honesty, spirituality, compassion, charity

2. What things in life excite you and provide the most fulfillment?
The thought of a family and a healthy, loving marriage. Delving deeper inside of myself. Listening to inspirational music. Reading inspirational books. Spending time with people one-on-one or in small groups. Feeling close to God. Driving with my top down on a warm day. The thought of being happy. Hearing other people’s stories. Being comfortable. Being well-rested. Eating delicious food.

3. What things in the world concern you most?
The number of people who are suffering. The number of unloved children. The violence. The disrespect. The lack of faith. Smart people who seem to make stupid decisions over and over.

4. How can you use what provides you the most excitement/fulfillment to impact what concerns you the most?
I think spiritual coaching or psychology might be a good career for me. I like being one on one with people. I like expressing my faith. I like hearing people’s stories. I can use music, art, books, and comfy furniture to influence.

5. Legacy: What do you want to leave for others after you are gone? What impact do you hope people will say you made in their life? Be specific.
I want to make a true difference in someone’s life. I want to love and help as many people as possible while I’m here. Specifically, I want them to feel better about themselves and brave enough to follow their dreams by knowing that they are good enough just as they are and that someone cares deeply about them. I want people to remember me as the most giving, loving, passionate, happy person they know.

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