Friday, March 12, 2010

34 Things

In 2008, I made a list of 34 Things that I want to accomplish in this lifetime. I am excited re-reading it now. I can honestly say that I still want these things. (Except for buying a house...we already did that one!)

Be more positive
Always look for the silver lining in the clouds
Be more grateful
Get a Bella body lift
Wear a bikini and know I look good
Be the ideal wife and mother
Learn how to cook delicious, nutritious foods
Travel to Africa
Have a stylish, comfortable, quality-material wardrobe
Find amazing, inspiring artwork for our home
Buy a large, spacious, open, bright house
Decorate with classic style and comfort in mind
Be present and take pride in my job
Incorporate yoga and meditation in my life
Go to a church or temple that feeds my soul
Get out of debt
Live a greener lifestyle
See and celebrate my loved ones’ dreams come true
Get to the point where I crave exercise
Be a holistic health practitioner (whatever form it takes)
Own a home in Ocean City
Read more
Listen to more world music
Spend ample time in nature
Capture more of my experience in words and pictures
Be present in the moment
Be Happy For No Reason
Never stop playing, exploring, laughing
Have regular Girls’ Days
Keep communicating openly and honestly with Harry
Sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed on a regular basis

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