Friday, March 12, 2010

Sacred Friday: Magnificence

Magnificence really came into play for me last week. As usual, I started out with looking up the definition:


1 : the quality or state of being magnificent
2 : splendor of surroundings


1 : great in deed or exalted in place —used only of former famous rulers
2 : marked by stately grandeur and lavishness
3 : sumptuous in structure and adornment; broadly : strikingly beautiful or impressive
4 : impressive to the mind or spirit : sublime
5 : exceptionally fine

"The quality or state of being Magnificent." That is exactly how I felt last week. All at once, it seems like my life is finally falling into place. I have a wonderful relationship with my husband, and as he starts to embrace his role as the spiritual leader of our family, I know it will only get better. I have been enjoying my moments with Bianca more than ever. I admit that before when I held her at night, I would focus on the negative. I would feel so depressed that I couldn’t be with her during the day. I was giving my daughter, the most precious and innocent being, all of my negative energy. I don’t want her growing up depressed like me. So I’ve been focusing on the moments that I DO have with her, and I want to make them as tender, loving, and positive as I can. She deserves nothing but good energy.

Pink Papaya feels ordained by God. I love the energy that is surrounding it. It is feeding me in ways I never expected already…and we haven’t even begun! Massage School is closer now than ever before. I’m literally only a few years away from my license. This dream that used to seem so distant, just a possibility in the future, is solidifying right in front of me. I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about it! All this positive energy has really had an effect on my “day job,” as well. My boss told me the other day that he really appreciates me. My supervisor also told me that she is really pleased with my work. She said, “You just don’t know… You don’t know what I had to deal with before.” I felt like a shining star. The anxiety I was feeling about my job has almost completely disappeared.

Getting up at 5:00 AM is really difficult for me, so I haven’t been doing it every day like I should. But on the days when I find the strength and energy to get up, I have been doing great on the Shred. It’s definitely tough, but I get better every day. I’m not seeing huge physical results, but I feel better in general. I know it’s still a long way off, but one day, I am going to feel completely comfortable and free in my skin.

Planning for Girls’ Day had me absolutely giddy! I can’t wait to honor our sacred friendship. We will be in a beautiful “splendor of surroundings,” indulging in simple pleasures, and enjoying the spirit and laughter of us as a terrific trio. If champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries doesn’t say magnificence, I don’t know what does!

Finally, but definitely not least, I am growing deeper in my relationship with God. I know this will only get better once we find a church home and I become part of a Life Group. The message that God has been trying to send to me last week into this week is "Sing." I used to be so passionate about singing. It was a huge part of who I was. "I am Carey. I am a singer." For whatever reason, even while alone in my car, I haven't really sung lately. God wants me to get back in touch with that incredible gift He has given me. He wants me to worship with passion. And using His gifts is a form of worship. He wants me to be magnificent in that area of my life again.

So, in short....I simply felt like a Magnificent peacock all week long!! God is SO GOOD. All the time.

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