Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Get a Better Job

The bold words in my inbox spoke loudly to me: “Carey, Get a better job…” The email was an advertisement for a career search engine on whose hyperlink I did not click. But the message’s subject continued to ring in my thoughts hours after I had hit the delete button.

Ok – so this is old news: I am not satisfied with my job. All things considered, it’s not a terrible job. In fact, I would say it’s the best one I’ve ever had. But there is still this longing in my soul for a career that would not only help to heal the broken, but also to feed my spirit. The desire only gets stronger with each passing day. I also crave more quality time with my daughter, and I would love to find a career that would allow me to do just that.

The dreams tucked in my heart, as well as the talents and skills to make them reality are sacred gifts from God, and I don’t want to squander them. And yet I remain stuck in my current circumstances year after year, unsure of how to make a true breakthrough in this area.
Alright – let’s be honest – that’s not quite true. I know exactly how to have a breakthrough: I need to take a giant leap of faith. I need to put myself out there and risk failure, deep down knowing that I can’t possibly fail because God is on my side. I need to start following the path The Spirit has already revealed to me as my destiny.

Martha Beck said, “If you want to live peacefully, joyfully and abundantly, you must walk your talk.” I’m great at talking. Not so great at walking.

I need a proverbial (or literal??) kick in the pants. Anyone willing to do the honors?

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  1. Swift kick coming at you! God has you friend, and I'll be here cheering you on!