Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beautiful Lesson

They say that children are great teachers, and every day I'm discovering another reason that saying is true. Tonight, as I gave Bianca a bath, my daughter taught me a lesson on beauty.

As I admired the gorgeous curls on the nape of her neck, my attention was then moved to my own wavy hair. I used to dream of permanently straightening my often unruly mane. But now that my darling daughter has the same feature, I wouldn't dream of touching my locks.

The same is true with my nose. I used to imagine how I would look with a longer, leaner nose. I despised my short, stubby one. But now that Bianca has almost an identical nose, I wouldn't dream of changing it.

All my life I didn't appreciate my own looks. It took my adorable daughter to show me just how beautiful I am.


  1. Love it. You do see everything differently once you have a child.

  2. This is such a sweet post. And so very true. You are a beautiful woman who made a beautiful child.