Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Elevator

For two afternoons in a row (Monday and yesterday), I took the elevator in the parking garage. Both times I held the elevator door open because I heard someone entering the garage just before the elevator door started to close. Both times, the person who entered the garage did not get on the elevator.

The scenario made me start thinking about my life in general. How much time have I wasted holding open the proverbial elevator door for people who don't even want me to? By holding open the door and remaining on the ground floor for someone else's sake, I have been unable to reach higher floors as fast as I could have.

And yet, if I simply went up, and the elevator door consequently shut in the face of the person who arrived just after me, I would feel terrible about it. I would consider myself pretty rude.

In the end, I suppose that no matter how quickly I would like to reach the top, I know deep down that I will always be willing to hold open the door for the person behind me.

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