Thursday, June 17, 2010

So Far, So Good

First things first: I'm doing GREAT in my massage class! Granted, we've only had three homework assignments and a quiz, but I'm happy to report that I currently have a 100% in the class! As far as the hands-on part is concerned, I think I need more practice, but overall I'm doing well. Harry finally let me practice on him on Tuesday, so I was happy about that. I have my midterm exam on Monday, so I really need to study. The most difficult part for me is the anatomy. I am still pretty clueless when it comes to identifying bones and muscles!

The Director of the Massage Therapy program came in to speak to us Monday night. I had put in an application for a Spring start, as you have to have completed MASS 101 and BIOL 109 before you can even be considered for the program, and I am taking BIOL 109 in the Fall. Well, it turns out that the Spring start is strictly a day program. Since there will be no evening classes available, I have to defer my application to the Fall 2011 start. In the meantime, I will take Medical Terminology and Stress Management and get those out of the way. If I do that and get accepted into the program, then I can solely focus on the Massage classes and be done in four semesters! Class of 2012, here I come! : )

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