Monday, June 7, 2010


I thought that I would give you a little update on my church situation. When I told Harry about Community Christian Church, he wasn't too thrilled about going. Because I wanted to go to church as a family, we ended up at Queen of Peace again. But throughout the entire Mass, my heart just felt heavy. I knew that my spirit wouldn't be fed, and I felt like I was wasting precious time being there. I didn't even go to Communion. I felt like if I took it, I would be acting like a hypocrite, and that's the last thing I want. I want to be true to myself and to God.

So last week I went to CCC. Alone. And I loved it!! I loved the music. I loved the sermon so much that I took notes. I loved the fact that they have Communion every week. I loved the fact that even though they have a nursery, children still seemed to be welcome in the sanctuary. I loved the fact that they have small groups. I loved the fact that they encouraged people only to give if they felt moved by the Spirit. I loved the fact that I was touched so deeply in the service that I cried. I left the service feeling incredibly uplifted.

During the week, I received a letter in the mail from the pastor. He thanked me for visiting, encouraged me to come back, and asked that I email him or call him with any questions or feedback.

This Sunday I went back. Harry and Bianca stayed home again. I was moved in the same way again during the service. Mostly during Communion. I really reflected on the sacrifice Jesus made for us, and I couldn't help but weep.

Today, I received a phone call from a member of the church. I didn't pick up the phone as I didn't recognize the number. But he left me a message, thanking me for visiting and wanting to know what I thought. He said that if I felt like it, but no pressure, I could call him back to talk about the church and opportunities to get involved.

I thought it was so nice. Who knows how many visitors the church gets each week? And yet, they took the time to welcome me with a letter and a call. That says a lot.

They have a program called "Starting Point." It's basically just an hour session where they explain the history, the mission, and the vision of the church. It gives you time to meet other new members. And it explains ways that you can get involved in the church and call it your home. The next session is on June 27th after the 9:30 service. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it. I am representing Pink Papaya at a vendor fair benefiting the American Diabetes Association.

I'm pretty bummed that I'm going to miss it. I don't know how often they hold them, but I hope it's once a month. And I hope I don't have another conflict. I really think I want to call CCC my church home.

Harry said that he would come with me next week. I'm praying that he likes it, too. I want nothing more than our family to grow together in the Lord.

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