Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wishcasting Wednesday: January 27th

Jamie's question on January 27th was, "What do you wish to awaken?"

I wish to awaken the healthy woman sleeping inside of me.  The one who wakes up each morning refreshed.  The one who starts her morning off with a prayerful jog.  The one who eats and prepares healthy meals for herself and her family.  The one who has a job that feeds her soul.  The one who spends lots of quality time with her husband and children.  The one who laughs A LOT.  The one who is flexible and strong.  The one who loves the way she looks and feels in her body.  The one with healthy skin, healthy hair, healthy teeth, healthy eyes.  The one who inspires others.  The one who radiates love and warmth to everyone she meets.  The one who is active in her church and her community.  The one who opens her door to foster children and orphans.  The one who makes her husband and her children proud.  The one who has a close relationship with God.  The one who leads true worship in church.

I wish to awaken the woman I've always dreamed of becoming.

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