Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Friday

Jamie Ridler hosts a book club called The Next Chapter.  They are currently reading The Happy Book.  Every Friday, Jamie encourages participants to list things that made them happy this week.  Even though I am not participating in the club, I thought I would participate in the exercise.

This week I have been happier than usual.  I was snowed in with Harry and Bianca, and I was able to spend some delicious quality time with them.  I was also able to read my Bible, read my devotional, and journal.  I drank lots of tea.  I watched the snow falling outside while cuddling with My Loves in front of the fire.  I took a hot bath.  I talked to Stephanie on the phone.  I got up every morning without an alarm.  I had more energy than usual.  I wasn't worried about work.  I received healing, fresh air while shoveling the driveway.  Just being home upped my happiness factor by leaps and bounds.  It was a wonderful week!

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