Saturday, April 9, 2011

Harry, My Handsome Hubby

He is strong of character.
He is dedicated to everyone and everything important to him.
He is a wonderful father.
He has a great smile.
He can quickly calculate math problems in his head.
He makes me laugh.
He cuddles with me....sometimes!
He is respectful.
He is generous.
He goes to church with me.
He is willing to grow spiritually with me.
He has a positive attitude.
He is truly grateful for the blessings in his life.
He is a hard worker.
He is a positive role model.
His students can talk to him about their problems.
He beats me at every game we play.
(Although I beat him in a game of mini golf once in 2006!)
He doesn't put me down.
He encourages me to follow my heart.
He has introduced me to the world of sports.
He takes me to musicals and concerts when he'd rather stay home.
He is financially responsible.
He has a Master's degree combined with street smarts.
He sticks to his values.
He is fun to be around - even if we're doing nothing.
He was a chess champion and a star athlete at the same time.
He is a successful coach.
He fits in great with my family.
He is willing to help people in need.
He isn't very messy.
We rarely fight, but when we do, we make up quickly.
After our very first fight, he gave me an eraser and said we could always start with a clean slate.
He knows my faults and loves me anyway.
He lets me have my space when I need it.
He has strong arms and gives great hugs.
He has a silly and playful side.
He takes good care of me and Bianca.
He didn't take away from my life at all - only added to it.
He loves food as much as I do.
He is patriotic.
He loves watching sports, the news, and the weather channel.
But he'll watch reality TV with me.
He makes me feel safe and secure.
He waves at me in the rearview mirror when I'm following his car.
He has mad thumb wrestling skills.
He would be willing to let me name his first racehorse.
We make a great Wheel of Fortune team.
He bought me a pair of diamond earrings two weeks after we met.
He proposed to me with a Scrabble board.
He married me on the beach.
When I picture us growing old together, he looks great with gray hair!

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