Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dreams for My Daughter

It's no secret that I have big dreams for my life. And I am confident that if I keep my eyes focused on the Lord, I will see a majority of those dreams come true. But I am equally as passionate - if not more - about the dreams I have for my daughter:

~ That she has a close relationship with God.
~ That she knows true happiness.
~ That she is true to herself and always follows her heart.
~ That Harry and I give her the space and freedom she needs to explore her inner workings.
~ That she experiences true, deeping, forever friendships.
~ That she loves passionately and has that love returned.
~ That she never has to live with constricting debt.
~ That she understands that true beauty comes from within and radiates outward.
~ That she has a strong yet quiet self esteem.
~ That she feels the joy that comes with loving and serving others.
~ That she makes a difference - whether it be to one life or to a million lives.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful!

  2. I have/had the same dreams for my daughter. "Dreams" is my favorite D word.