Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My Introduction to Massage Therapy textbook arrived in the mail last night!! I was so excited!! Unfortunately, I didn't get to dive into it like I wanted to. I had to get dinner ready, then clean up after dinner, then read to Bianca, then spend a little relaxation time with her and Harry, then prepare for my webinar. The webinar was over at 10:30, and I was more than ready to hop into bed afterwards.

This morning I had to complete my normal routine, but add a bath for Bianca in there AND take her to Aunt Dot's. (Normally we try to give her baths at night, and Harry drops her off in the mornings.) So I didn't get a change to peruse it, as I was already pressed for time.

I brought the treasure with me to work, but I never get a break. Perhaps things would be different if I didn't share an office with my supervisor. Unfortunately, she always checks to see what I am up to. I think she would have something to say if she caught me reading a textbook as opposed to working on my never-ending to-do list.

The whole "when to read" dilemma has me wondering if I can really handle it all. Can I handle a day job, a business, school, quality family time, time alone with God, daily housework, relationships with friends, AND me time all at once? Only time will tell. I want to live a balanced life, and I don't want any area in my life to suffer. But something tells me that I may be making some sacrifices along the way. Oh how I wish I could quit my job! I would have SO much more time on my hands!

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