Monday, May 10, 2010


This morning, I woke up in a pretty bad mood. I was upset that it was already 5:30 a.m. After Bianca got up twice last night. After having an incredibly busy weekend with houseguests. After I messed up on entering a party order last night. After finding out that another one of my parties is now canceled. After not being able to read my book like I wanted to. After neither one of my Mother's Day presents that I ordered for my mom and Ms. Kathy arrived on time. After having a stomachache. After realizing that we have practically no food left in the house.

I grumbled on the way to work that I was tired. That my body is falling apart. That my job isn't feeding my soul, and I'd much rather be in bed. That traffic was bad. That I was running late. That my week was starting out on such an awful foot.

I didn't change the date on my desk calendar when I first arrived at work because I was grumbling about my neverending To-Do List. About my lack of free time. About the lack of Spirit and joy in my life.

A few minutes ago, I noticed my calendar still said May 7. So I flipped to May 10, and this is what my sticky note from God said..... "Do you think you could go an entire day without complaining? xo, G." Ouch.

I have so much good in my life. My godson even gave me a bag for Mother's Day that says "Too blessed to be stressed." Why, why, why do I constantly focus on what's wrong with my life? Especially when I know that if I made two lists, the "what's right with my life" would be way longer? I hate living in negativity, and I know nothing major is going to shift in my life until I change my attitude. I only wish I knew how to get there. Otherwise, I would already be living my authentic life of happiness and abundance. I need to get un-stuck!!!

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