Tuesday, September 28, 2010

God's Voice?

For whatever reason, my career (or lack of one) has always been a sore subject for me. I have never truly had peace in this area. I can't even pray about it properly. Whenever I try to talk to God about it, my mind just wanders, or I get stuck. I want nothing more than to do God's will for my life. But when it comes to my job (and these days, school), I really have a difficult time hearing what He wants for me.

This morning, I was determined. I was going to pray about my job my entire drive to work. Of course I got distracted. But probably for a total of 20 minutes out of my hour commute, I was talking to God, and pretty much begging Him to speak in a way that I could clearly understand. I need to know what do about my job and about going to massage school.

When I got to the parking garage, a woman driving a purple Mini Cooper parked next to me. I see this car pretty much every day, and every day I admire it and wonder what it would be like to drive it. This morning I was able to say to the owner, "I just want you to know that you have the most adorable car!" Oddly, her reaction was nothing like I expected it to be.

She simply huffed and said, "I am thinking about going back to Toyota. This car is just too expensive for repairs and upkeep. It's not worth it. You should just admire them from afar. Don't buy one."

So yes, my latest dream car is a purple Mini convertible. And yes, I can literally apply her advice when it comes to car shopping. (It's not much of a family car anyway) But here's my question.... was that lady REALLY talking about her car? Or was God using her to speak clearly to me in a way that I can understand, just liked I begged Him to do? Was she really saying, "Massage school is just too expensive. It's not worth it. You will think about going back to your old career. You should just admire massage therapy from afar. Don't become one."

Am I reading too much into this interaction? All I know is that God can speak to us in many different ways. And I asked Him to speak clearly to me. Is it absurd to think that He actually did?

There aren't many Christians at work, so I can't really ask anyone about it. But I feel like I need validation. If this happened to you, what would you think? Coincidence? Or God's voice?

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