Thursday, August 26, 2010

On the Way to Work

While I was driving into work this morning, I saw a woman driving a red VW convertible Beetle with black spots and a black top. It also had a vanity license plate that said "Berbie." I couldn't help but smile and feel a slight pang of jealousy. Not because I have a desire to drive a Lady Bug, but because ultimately, I would love to drive a car once more that gets me giddy inside. I know that Beetle's owner must smile, have fun, and feel so comfortable when she looks at or gets into her car. I know it because that's the exact way I felt when I finally owned a purple VW Cabrio after dreaming for one for years. I loved that car so much. My accident was really devastating to me, mainly because I lost my car. I look forward to the day when I can drive a car I not only love, but also causes me to get warm and fuzzies inside!

I also heard "While I'm Waiting" by John Waller on the radio. I don't know why this song touches me so deeply, but it does. I am in instant prayer when I hear it. And I could play it over and over and never get tired of it. It put me in a great mood.

Finally, as I was waiting at a red light, a pack of about 10 students crossed the street. It reminded me that I am so lucky to be working on a college campus. It also reminded me that I don't get away from my desk enough to remember that fact. So I think starting in September, I will make sure to go over to the Student Center to eat lunch once a month. That way I can be more connected to the campus and find out if anything fun is happening. Last spring, they had a free steel drum concert that I would have loved to go to. Of course, I could only listen to it faintly from my office, as I always feel chained to my desk when my supervisor is around. I think that needs to change a bit.

I'm a hard worker, and that fact won't change. But I also think a change of scenery every once in a while isn't just nice, it's necessary. Maybe then I won't feel so stressed out about work. And I'll remember that all things considered, I work in a pretty awesome place!!

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  1. This is quite the uplifting post Carey! I definitely know the feeling about getting into a car that you've dreamed about for so long and finally having the opportunity to drive it, and know that it's yours!
    As for working on campus, it's such a great place to work. Always busy of course, but also once you're away from your desk, you can make so many contacts, which is encouraging and rewarding at the same time.
    Having the opportunity to see some people that you wouldn't ordinarily see in the office is uplifting, kind of giving you the feeling that your work does mean a lot to those people whom you've not come in contact with.
    Just getting out of the office for the 1/2 to hour lunch daily would really help you breath a bit away from the office and perhaps allow you to enjoy your job that much more.