Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Email to My Co-Pilot

Hello My Inspiring and Creative Friend,

I apologize for my bad attitude yesterday. Some days I feel like I'm getting better; others I just feel stuck in this dark and muddy place.

This morning I am at work alone. Both my boss and my supervisor are out of the office. I have completed as much of my task list as I can, so I have decided to turn my focus on more important things. Namely, me.

I found a 5-Step plan for "How to Get a Job You Love." I have just completed Step 1. I haven't even looked ahead, but already I'm excited. I can't wait to see where the steps lead. I just had to share Step 1 with you. Perhaps my rebirth begins today, as I feel passion floating through my veins.

Step 1 is to imagine yourself at age 80. You are talking to your grandchildren about your life and your career. Write down in as much detail as possible the story of your professional and personal life. Write it down as if you are looking back on your life.

I worked in an office that felt like home. It was bright and cheerful. There was a beautiful garden out back. When you first walked into the office, there was a reception area, where my clean desk sat. Beyond that was a couch and two comfy chairs that felt like a living room. I had a great library filled with inspirational and self-help books. There was a long work table that was filled with art supplies and magazines. Blank journals were abundant.

In this office I helped people to heal. I helped them realize how important their dreams were and how much the world would suffer if they weren't manifested. I used collages, writing, reading, and massage as tools to deliver my message. I met with women one-on-one and in small groups. We had many nurturing, inspirational, empowering conversations.

All areas of holistic health were addressed: mind, body, and spirit. I explained how nutrition and exercise feed all parts of ourselves. I showed them relaxation techniques they could incorporate into their lives. I recommended good therapists if they had deep-seeded issues that needed to be addressed.

I wrote books on Holistic Health and Christianity; how not to feel guilty being a working mom; how to support and help make your spouse's dreams come true; and my biography - explaining the darkness I once felt and the steps I took to overcome them.

I worked from 9 - 3 while our children were in school, allowing ample family time. We had two natural children, two adopted children, and more foster children than I can count.

Our house was always filled with love and joy. We loved the Lord, we loved our neighbors, we loved our children's friends, and our door was always open. There was always an abundance of tea and healthy snacks to share!

And I was deeply and passionately in love with your grandfather. He helped me become the person I always knew I was meant to be. He touched my soul and helped me heal like no one else could. He was my one true love. He supported my dreams and I supported his. My life was so much richer and fuller because he was in it.

We had some fun times. We visited all 50 states and used a map to mark our journey. We visited Italy, Germany, and Ireland on special anniversaries to see the land of our ancestors. We attended many, many sporting events, plays, and dance recitals. We bought a racehorse. And we bought a dream home on the water.

Granddad became a college basketball coach, and that allowed me to target my services to college-aged women. I taught several classes at the community college, including Sacred Collage. Granddad became a senator, and I was able to volunteer countless hours at the local orphanage.

When my time on Earth has come to an end, I hope you will remember me as loving, joyful, faith-filled, and always there for you.

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