Thursday, November 1, 2012

Starting Over Again

My status on Facebook today reads, "It's a new month.  Perfect time for a fresh start!"

I can't give proper credit for this image because I found it on several websites.  Apologies to the artist!!

I feel like I am heading into a new season in my life.  First, I am now a mother of two.  I am still figuring out what the perfect dynamic should be - how to split my attention and affection in a way that meets both of my girls' needs, as well as those of my husband.  It will be even more challenging now that I am back to work.

I am finally vested in my church's MOPS group.  I have been a member since 2010, but up until now I haven't been fully committed.  After evaluating all the activities and friendships in my life and pruning as a result, I realized that the relationships with these amazing Godly women I am surrounded by need to be nurtured and made more of a priority.

I am also finally committed to my church.  I loved it the moment I first visited two years ago, but I was emotionally torn by some conflicting guilt I had regarding my religious upbringing.  Earlier this year I felt compelled to go back to the church of my youth, mainly to explore the feelings I was struggling with.  After a few months, I realized my decision to move on from there was the right one for both me and my family.  Without a doubt, CCC is my church home now, and I look forward to growing in Christ there.

I will be discovering what work feels like for me now.  When I earned my promotion, I was already 6 months pregnant.  I admittedly wasn't truly focused and didn't give 100% to my new position.  Now that my leave is over, I need to concentrate on being a great manager and reassure my boss that she didn't make a mistake by hiring me.  But I need to do this with care and balance, knowing that I have workaholic tendancies.   

My BFF Steph and I will be venturing out on a new wellness journey next month.  We are working out the details now, but I am very excited about it.  I saw a quote on a friend's Facebook page that said, "There are 9 months until summer.  A new person is born in 9 months."  What a great sentiment!!  I can't wait to celebrate the birth of the new me.  (Of course, fitting back into my pre-pregnancy pants is my first goal!)

After a brief bumpy period with my hubby, I feel us coming back together again - our relationship stronger than ever.  He is truly a wonderful man, and I am so grateful that he puts up with me!  I am falling in love with him all over again and am committed to taking better care of our marriage.

I also hope to be better about writing.  I've neglected this blog and my journals for far too long.  (I know, I know - I always say that and never follow through!)  But it really does help to keep me balanced.  As my friend Chelle puts it, writing is free therapy!

So here's to a new season and a fresh start.  Isn't it wonderful to know that it is never too late to start over again?        

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