Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!

The first day of Spring is upon us. Just as the earth is thawing out and bringing forth new life, I thought it would be appropriate to gently wake this sleeping blog from its winter slumber.

This morning my heart is light and full of hope and joy. I have so many rich blessings to be grateful for:

~ My amazing Savior and His unending love and forgiveness
~ My wonderful husband
~ Our beautiful daughter
~ Our Little One on his/her way
~ Our comfortable home
~ My loving, supportive family
~ My life-giving Church
~ My sweet small group
~ My awesome hospitality team
~ My circle of dear friends
~ Great neighbors
~ The opportunity to sing again
~ The possibility of a new job well within reach
~ A new-found peace that's made its way into my soul the past few weeks

With all of this on the forefront of my mind, I happily welcome a new season of love, laughter and precious memories waiting to be made. I can't wait to see what wonderful surprises are waiting around the bend....

Happy Spring, Everyone!


  1. What? A little one on the way? Congratulations! I have missed hearing from you. Hope all is well :-)

  2. Hi Chelle! I've missed you, too! I need to catch up on your blog! Yes, we are expecting another baby, due August 26th. We are very excited! All's well on this end; hope things are going great for you and your clan! :)