Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well, here we are on Day 2 of 2013.  I must admit that I feel just wonderful about the New Year.  Overall, 2012 was not a very good year for our world.  So much pain, heartache, and disastrous events that left many people wondering if God really does exist, does He even care?  But along with the fireworks and the magical flip of the calendar, a whole new surge of positive energy has settled in.  We all have the chance to start over, to regain focus, to try to get it right this time.

The new year invokes dreaming, planning, and baby steps galore.  In the cold of winter (or heat of summer, depending on your hemisphere!), though the earth lies dormant, people slowly start to come alive again.  So much vision, so much hope bursting forth.  It truly is a wonderful time!

In numerology, 2013 is a 6 year.  It's a year that focuses on family, security, responsibility, and birthing new things.  I think my Proverbs 31 Year is definitely well timed!  Here's hoping that when the twinkling ball drops again, we can say without a doubt that yes, indeed, this Year was Happy!

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