Monday, March 21, 2011

Still Sick and a Possible Job Opportunity

The illness that found its way into our home two weeks ago is still wreaking havoc on our bodies. Poor Bianca sounds like she could cough up a lung at any minute, and Harry is still feeling achy. Yesterday, I was feeling so drained that I took a three hour nap and went to bed early – and I still had a terrible time getting out of bed this morning. I am struggling to stay awake at work. I literally feel like I am running on zero energy – and I’ve already had two Sparks today. My body hurts, my head hurts, my stomach hurts, and I just want to crawl back in bed and hide. How long will this yucky bug rear its ugly head? I just want us all to be better!

On a totally different topic, I applied for a job on Friday. I don’t want to divulge too much information or get too excited about it – because whenever I do, I end up jinxing myself. Let’s just say that I think it would be a good move for me.

~ The location is closer to home, which would cut down on my daily commute.
~ I would also be closer to Bianca during the day.
~ The closer commute would also mean less gas and no more tunnel tolls.
~ The salary range is right where I need it to be.
~ I would gain direct supervisory experience.
~ I would be able to help families in a tangible way.
~ I wouldn’t be chained to my desk all day.
~ Interactions with people would mainly be face-to-face, not on the phone.
~ There is a possibility of working three 12-hour days per week.
~ That schedule would allow me more time to spend with Bianca and more time to go to school.

Of course, I know it’s all in God’s hands, and ultimately I want His will for my life – no matter what the outcome. BUT if it would be as good a move as I think it could be, I pray that God sends His favor. (and calms down my butterfly-filled heart!)

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  1. Carey, it sounds like a wonderful job! Good luck!! And I hope you feel better very soon. Lots of energy from me to you :-)