Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 30th

I can't believe that another month has gone by! They say that time flies when you're having fun, but I think it flies regardless!

I'm writing this post in bed. I'm supposed to be at work right now, but I just couldn't bring myself to go. I needed a time out. I was dressed for work, my lunch was packed, and I was about to head out the door when I realized I just couldn't handle another hectic day. I needed a day to be surrounded by silence. A day to put away the clean clothes that have been sitting in the basket since Sunday. A day to pick up a few things for my mom's birthday. A day to study. A day that involves anything but bumper-to-bumper traffic, an overbearing supervisor, and an empty job. A day to gather my thoughts. A day to revisit this neglected blog. A day to simply pause and breathe.

While I don't have anything particularly profound to say, this is the world of Carey right now:

~ I love my church. I love the season we're entering together. I love the girls in my small group. I love my hospitality team. I love all the connections I'm making. I love the children's ministry and the fact that Bianca loves going to church as much as I do. I am so proud to call CCC my home!

~ The fall semester at CCBC is quickly coming to a close. I have three more classes and three more exams to go. A&P will finally be behind me, and I will have moved one step closer to my dream! Woo hoo!

~ I have four more personal training sessions to go. I lost 10 pounds, but ended up gaining one back, which leaves me with a total of 9 pounds lost over the four month period. I'm happy that the scale has gone down, but disappointed that I didn't reach my goal, which was 15 pounds. Sadly, I won't be able to continue with training. Our finances required me to make a choice: more training or another class. While I do hope to continue losing weight and getting healthier, right now, my heart is set on school. I really want to make my dreams a reality! (Then again, embracing total holistic health is also one of my dreams, so I just have to keep working on my body on my own - even though it is so much harder without the accountability!)

~ My handsome hubby is doing well. Basketball season just started up, so I'll be pretty much single until February!

~ Bianca is growing up way too quickly, and becoming so much fun in the process. Being a mother is definitely the most joyful part of my life!! Even on my worst days, I can't help but smile because I am blessed with such a precious baby girl. Of course, don't let her hear me say that. She would surely respond with, "I not a baby anymore. I a big girl!" {I would then kindly remind her that big girls use the potty. : ) }

~ Work is work. I can't find another job, so I just assume that God isn't ready for me to leave UMB quite yet. (But any time, Lord, any time....)

~ I have two outstanding book reviews to complete. I must be the worst book blogger ever. I always feel like I'm two steps behind. One day I'll catch up. One day....


  1. I think we all need a time from the world every now and then.

  2. Thanks for the reassurance, Wanda! I hope all is well with you.

  3. Glad you took a day just to be! Congrats on the 9 lb. loss, that is excellent! Any help I can give you, I am happy to! And, hooray for school :-)

  4. Thanks, Chelle! You are already such an inspiration to me! You help me more than you realize!! : )

  5. Congratulations for taking care of yourself, dear Carey. I am so happy you are heading towards your dream! Yay! :-)