Saturday, May 7, 2011


Harry is at school, Bianca is napping, one load of clothes is in the washer and another is in the dryer. I decided to take advantage of the quiet house and read a bit before continuing my chores.

I'm currently reading "Secrets of the Vine for Women" by Darlene Marie Wilkinson. (And absolutely loving it!!) Well, I just had to take a break and blog because when I opened up to page 96, there is simply a lovely black and white picture of a bunch of grapes followed by Philippians 1:6! He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.

I don't think it is any accident that I am reading this book now. And I think it's pretty obvious that God is sending me a clear message. Yes, right now, I am feeling unsettled. I have a job that doesn't satisfy me and takes up too much of my precious time. Because of this, I don't spend enough time with my family - particularly my daughter. I'm feeling restless because I know our family isn't finished growing, but circumstances have prevented us from having more children up until now. I know I was created for so much more than simply going through the motions of this seemingly meaningless existence. I know my life was made to bear much more fruit.

I have a tendency to dwell on the negative. I tend to get down more often than not. I complain, I whine, I cry, I get depressed. But God doesn't want me to live like that. And this week in particular, he is reminding me that HE'S NOT FINISHED WORKING ON ME!!!

I simply need to abide in Him and make Him my heart's biggest desire. And I find a comfort and relief in Wilkinson's book. She says, "You don't have to know more in order to abide. You don't have to wait until you become more mature, more successful, or more accepted. You don't have to prove yourself in any way more worthy. Right now, as you read this page, you are already the object of your Lord's attention and affection. He says, Stay with Me. Be with Me. Remain in Me." I don't have to cram any more serving or doing into my life. It's only as I persue genuine and unbroken intimacy with Him that I can produce the most eternal fruit for His glory. Isn't that such wonderful, comforting news?

When I see God show up in my life like this and speak to me so loudly and plainly, all I can say is "Wow"... and savor every moment of it! : )


  1. Add my WOW to yours. God is so timely with His message! AND it always is right for us. God bless you today - you'll be in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. You are doing great, Carey. You are such a strong woman! Your faith is beautiful and inspiring...God is always watching over you. Everything will be ok :-)